You are eligible for a refund if you drop a class within the refund deadline.  Refund deadline dates can be found by viewing the Class Schedule/Fees link in your Student Portal.  The blue highlighted dates to the right of each class listed in your schedule is a live link, simply click on it to view all of the important dates for each class.  If you drop a class within the refund deadline, the per unit enrollment fee will automatically be refunded to you in the same manner in which you paid for the class - if you paid for your fees with a credit card, the refund will appear on your credit card statement; if you paid by cash or check, a refund check will be mailed to you.  

If you drop all of your classes within the refund deadlines, you are also eligible to receive a refund for the Student Center, Student Body, Student Rep, and Health fees.  These are not automatically refunded and you will need to submit the attached Request for Refund Form to the Admissions and Records Office to receive a refund.