Students can receive a message indicating they have exhausted all repeats for a course for several reasons.  A screen similar to the one shown below alerts students of a potential issue, but it doesn't specifically state what the root cause is. 

Below are potential reasons for students to receive the unauthorized repeat course message.

• The student is currently registered in one section of the course and wishing to change to a different section.

    To resolve: 

  1.  View the class schedule/fees page.
  2.  Drop the unwanted section and complete the checkout process.
  3.  Verify the section is no longer part of current student schedule.  This is done by viewing the class/schedule fees for the appropriate semester.
  4.  Once the unwanted section is no longer displayed on the current class/schedule fees page the new desired section can be added through the registration process.
  5.  Complete the checkout process.

• The student at some point placed themselves on a Waitlist for the course.  (Could be for a current or past semester.)

    To resolve:

  1.  Click on "Manage my Waitlist"
  2.  Check each semester to see if there is an active Waitlist entry for the course.
  3.  Click "Remove" to cancel the Waitlist request for that course and follow the on-page prompts to complete the transaction.

• It's near the end of the semester. The student wishes to retake a course for a second time because they know they are not passing the course this semester.

     To resolve:

  1. Click on "View Grades" to verify the final grade for the current attempt has been posted.
  2. If a passing grade is listed, the system will not allow a second attempt.
  3. If a nonpassing grade is listed, continue with registration for a second attempt.
  4. Once a grade is posted, click on "Add/Drop/Register" to register in the course for the next semester.
  5. Complete the checkout process to secure a seat in the course.
• The student has taken this course in the past and successfully passed the class or has already attempted the course two times and received nonpassing or W grades.

     To resolve:

         Depending on circumstances, the student may be able to repeat the course.  Please contact Admissions & Records for details.

If the above methods do not resolve the issue, please contact Admissions & Records for additional support.